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Why should local small businesses register with CherryValleyShoppers.com? We’re Transparent! Many small businesses have complained that certain online business directories are charging excessive fees for “per click advertising”, not being transparent with rate changes, disappearing reviews and holding positive reviews for ransom while trying to collect $$$. With CherryValleyShoppers.com you get what you pay for. You pay a flat monthly or yearly fee and with this reasonable pricing you get a webpage on the online directory, management of your company reviews and links to your company’s social media pages. In addition, when you have sales and/or special events, all you do is contact CherryValleyShoppers.com and we will run advertising campaigns for you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. No extra fees are collected! We are doing the advertising for you. This frees up your time for you to run your company. Go ahead and check out CherryValleyShoppers.com today.


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