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6350 W. Ramsey, Suite C., Banning, CA, 92220, US

Phone: (951) 845-7764


This business offers Beauty, Cosmestics, Hair, and Personal Care products. ROOT 66 offers a variety of products. This business was established to give our local communities a personal touch for our Hair Care and overall Beauty needs.


What ever I need they will order it for you. They are in the business of accommodating their customers. Awesome customer service.

— G. Jackson, June 6, 2019

This store is a must visit for African American Hair Care & Beauty Products. Competitive prices and amazing customer service.

— C. Smith, July 3, 2019

Please go buy and checkout this spot. Blessings to you Business Sis

— L. Lacey, April 5, 2019

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Grand Opening April 28, 2019

The Grand Opening of Root 66 Hair, Hair Care and Accessories

Wigs and More

Description of the Fabulous Wigs and Hair Accessories offerred