Susan Brantley author of "The Cannabis - Wellness Connection", Her 1st book goes on Sale Saturday 5/2/2020 for $0.99. The price goes up to $1.99 on 5/5/2020 and the last price increase on 5/8/2020 to $2.99. Please take a look at her website: for more information


Susan Brantley

 Author and Ghost Writer


Are you at a loss of words when advertising on your own website?

Do you need assistance with blogging?

Do you have a newsletter that needs tweaking?


Susan Brantley has the answers you are looking for. She has a passion for writing and a desire to help.


Susan is an accomplished eBook writer and the author of “The Cannabis-Wellness Connection”. Susan is also a talented ghost writer.


Please learn more about her at All you have to do, is visit the online business directory, Search under the category of “Communications & Marketing” and you can find her contact information to connect with her quickly.